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Welcome, we are very happy to see that you are interested in joining our wooftidoo friends and family!

pictureA B C's to get started:

A. Give us a call at 562.270.4366 or contact us via email at info@wooftidoo.com to schedule your FREE in-home pet interview anytime that is convenient for you and your pets, followed by an email confirmation.

B. wooftidoo's local pack leader and applicable dog walker or pet sitter will meet you at the time you chose or earlier to greet your pets and review what services your pet needs. We will review your pet’s feeding instructions, routines, walking route, location of litter box, trash location, medications and any special needs your pet has. We will review any home care needs such as newspapers/mail, light indoor plant watering, trash instructions, alternating lights and blinds etc.

C. Finally, we will review and sign necessary paperwork, appointment and payment details and collect keys.

picture3 steps - things to have ready before your FREE in-home pet interview:


1. Copies of your pet's vaccination records:

If you are considering daycare services or any kind of group activity, please beware any service that does not require proof of these vaccines. 

2. Please download the two forms below and have them completed before we meet. This way we can spend our time focusing on your family and your pets instead of on paperwork.

Click on both underlined documents individually and then print and fill out completely please.

Service agreement

Emergency care agreement

3. Make sure to have a garage entry code or a single lockbox with code for us. You can buy a lock box at your local hardware store or online.

We no longer store keys, effective 01/01/2014

If you prefer to use our lock box program, it is $25 and we handle everything for you, even setting up the lock box combo for you!


interested in woof-ti-doggy daycare and/or group activities?


How do I protect my pup from kennel cough?

Kennel cough (Bordetella) is most commonly caused by a bacteria called Bordetella bronchiseptica which irritates the lining of the dog's trachea. This irritation causes the dog to cough and hack. It is commonly mistaken for choking or "hairballs". Often, dogs with kennel cough will show no other signs of discomfort - they eat, play and sleep normally, except for the cough. Enclosed spaces are much more likely to facilitate cross-contamination (thus the name "kennel" cough). But yes, your doggie could be exposed while out and about with us. We require proof of vaccination for every new pack member, however, due to the nature of the unpredictability for cros-contamination there may have been an infected dog, unknown to anyone, that acted as a source for other dogs in the daycare. We strive to avoid that situation by requiring that all dogs receive the Bordetella vaccine every 6 months.

How often should I get a Bordetella booster for my pup?

If your pup's bordetella is current as of every 6 MONTHS, you should be ok for the most part. As with every bacterial or viral infection, your pup's immune system plays a factor. Whether your pup's immunities are are strong or your pup is recovering from a health issue, this will be a factor to determine susceptibility. It is always recommended that you get the Bordetella boosters as often as every 6 MONTHS. 

wooftidoo strives to maintain a safe and clean environment by using a disinfectant and bleach daily on our vehicles. However, no matter how clean the environment, kennel cough will continue to be an issue, because it is an airborne bacteria. Despite all our efforts, it is as common and easily transmittable as a human contracting a cold. Please realize that kennel cough is one of the risks that you must weigh before deciding if daycare is right for you and your pups.

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