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Pronunciation: \ˈrē-ˌsors




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Veterinary offices and hospitals in Long Beach:

pictureUptown Animal Hospital

3350 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach, California 90807


Pet shop and grooming services Long Beach:

Featured Partner: Pussy & Pooch

SPCA LAhttp://www.pussyandpooch.com/

4818 East 2nd Street
Long Beach, California 90803

Pet loss and bereavement counseling:

pictureAre you experiencing or anticipating the loss of a pet? You do not have to do it alone...

PetLoss Partners provides kind, compassionate emotional support for individuals, couples and families who are experiencing or anticipating the loss of a beloved pet.
They offer individual and group counseling in the Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, South Bay and Orange County areas. Appointments are also available by telephone.

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Los Angeles/San Gabriel Valley/South Bay
Sandra Grossman, Ph.D. 818-421-1516
Orange County
Ellie Freedman, MFT 949-315-5616


Pet healthcare:

Featured Partner: United Pet Care LLC

SPCA LAhttp://www.unitedpetcare.com

United Pet Care (UPC) is a pet healthcare membership program. Membership in their program saves you 20-50% on every visit to the veterinarian.


Dog Beach:

Rosie's dog beach, click here to see description and rules

Dog Parks:

There are 4 parks, click here to see them and rules

Pet Licensing:

City of Long Beach

Pet rescue:

spcaLA Long Beach

Specialty spay and neuter center:

spcaLA Long Beach

"Feel confident trusting your pets to our veterinarians who provide state-of-the-art and breed-specific anesthesia; innovative pain prevention and management; and spay/neuter expertise."

To schedule your appointment between Wednesday and Friday, call (323) 730-5303 or email spayneuter@spcaLA.com

Report Animal Cruelty:


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